Understanding your business has been our only business.

Our Story

After serving in the military, our founder, Jose Reque earned his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a Master in Business Administration (Financing). While earning his degrees, he worked for a doctor performing medical billings. He helped other physicians in the same facility. While doing so, he learned the pros and cons of the software they were using.

After receiving his master’s degree, Jose had the opportunity to start his own medical billing company. Beginning in the living room of a small studio apartment it has grown into what it is now: MedX Open Systems, Inc. Our client list has increased as well, as our satisfied doctors stay with us year after year. In fact, the first doctor we began with is still with us today.

In the beginning, we relied on a third party’s billing software. But, the mainland-based billing software company took too long to respond to problems that affected the productivity of our clients.

So, we invested in and created our own billing software and EHR. In 2010 we created the first web-based EHR and PM in the state of Hawaii.

Jose Reque, MBA


With over 30 years of healthcare management experience, Jose has positioned MedX Open Systems at the forefront of the industry. He continues to push the envelope of innovation, creating and improving tools for healthcare.

Florence Dino

Director of Software Development

Since joining MedX Open Systems in 2010, Florence has spearheaded all software-related projects within the organization. She and her team create code for the Genix software, used by thousands of physicians globally.


Kammy Ono

Chief Revenue Cycle Officer

As part of the founding MedX Open Systems team in 2005, Kammy continues to play an integral part in MedX’s growth and expansion by managing all revenue cycles.

Akeisha Moses

Senior Manager

As Senior Manager, Akeisha oversees software training and support for our clients. Joining MedX Open Systems in 2013, she also manages our extraordinary billing team.