EHR E-Prescribe

Improve Reporting

Faster, Easier Transactions

Eliminate Human Error


E-Prescribe helps you produce prescriptions fast and accurately, making you even more efficient.

Our EHR e-Prescribe feature also makes it easy for you to prescribe the most cost effective medication based on your patient’s insurance coverage.

E-Prescribe can change your life.

Improve your patient’s safety and overall care by eliminating human errors. The e-Prescribing process is automated. Send your prescriptions and authorization for refills to the pharmacist instantly while eliminating the need to interpret your handwriting.

With e-Prescribing you also improve your reporting. A paper prescription system hinders query reporting. For example: finding the frequency of medication prescribed by certain providers, patients that were prescribed with a particular medication during a drug recall, etc. E-Prescribe makes what was difficult, simple and easy.

Your patients will love the convenience that comes with e-Prescribe. Prescriptions arrive at the pharmacy even before they leave your office, resulting in faster transactions and very happy patients.