Genix EHR Features

Easier Workflow

Customizable Forms

No ICD Codes Needed


Customizable forms for medical notes. One of the most important aspects of every EHR is note taking. One problem usually encountered with other EHRs is too much typing, and not enough customization for your specialization.

In other words, too many steps for you to do.

We know how to make your job a whole lot easier.

Genix EHR allows us to customize your clinical forms according to your specialization. It lets us add forms that are critical your practice. Plus, it can save templates for notes that you use repeatedly (instead of redundantly typing them over and over again).

The forms let you review notes from previous visits and copy them without typing them again. With Genix EHR, you can access your patient’s information automatically, with just a click of a button.

And there is no need to memorize ICD codes, because you can search them within the forms.

Genix EHR makes note taking as convenient as possible.