What Our Clients Are Saying

I was one of MedX’s first clients. I was most impressed with the founder’s sense of mission and his dedication to servicing his products.  Jose, the founder, is consistently meticulous about supporting his products with service.  I have long had an interest in reaping the benefits of using computerized medical records to enhance healthcare providers’ ability to provide the best quality of care with the least amount of overhead.  Providers will always have to work hard but electronic records should allow that work to be more useful relative to productivity, efficiency, and quality.

My own experience and complaints by my colleagues seem to confirm that even the best electronic medical records tend to require a lot of extra time charting,  but are not convinced that the extra time adds value.  Most providers with electronic records would not volunteer to go back to paper.  My experience with the MedX electronic record and support team has been impressively positive.  They even provide after hour support for peripheral issues not even directly related to contractual obligations.  Jose Reque and his team minimize the pain and enhance the benefits of going electronic for charting and billing without bankrupting the provider.

Bernard Robinson MD - Neurosurgeon


I switched to MedX a few years ago. My last biller gave me financial problems because my claims were not being paid properly. That was all fixed when Jose came in. He explained that my financial problems with unpaid claims would take a few months, but that I would get the money I was owed from the insurance. Sure enough, he was right. The months of unpaid claims came through.

Also, their service is exceptional. Every time I have a problem he always comes in. Whether it’s financial advice about my business or router problems, he will always stop by and he doesn’t charge for his time. Nothing like my previous billing company. I don’t think many physicians know this, but Jose also has his own EMR which I think rivals many of the other EHRs I’ve seen out there. Choosing MedX was the best decision I made.

Gabino Baloy MD - Internal Medicine


I was with MedX Open Systems when they first started. When I was choosing a biller, I asked all my colleagues on their thoughts about their current biller. With all the negative reviews of the other companies on the island, I’m glad I chose MedX and I have never looked back. They always seem to care about my business to the point that I feel like I’m their only client. Whenever I have denied payments they always rush in to grab the necessary paper work to resubmit my claims.

Whenever I have technical problems at the office, they always come in the same day to fix whatever problems I have. The best part is that they never charge me for the time they spend, no matter if the problem takes minutes or hours. They usually fix my problems the same day and if not, they take whatever they need and bring it back to me the next day.

Jose De Leon MD - Internal Medicine